I grew up on a steady stream of amazing NFB short films.
Every film was unique. Inventiveness was king and real artists ruled. These people were always pushing boundaries. They gave you the feeling that making a film meant doing something different. Like testing a theory. As the idea for Joe Finds Grace developed, the storyline of a troubled and misshapen soul on a quest to right the wrongs of his past took on new life. Animation opened up a whole world of storyline options and gave the film another way to expand. With the addition of animated sequences the film now had a tool to reveal the character of Joe’s flashbacks and fantasies. His inner world is a mixture of terrifying memory and wonderful fantasy. To elaborate on Joe’s internal process I decided to explore, with a combination of live action and animation, the notion that inside his head the world was full of vivid flashes that would swim from reality to fantasy to nightmare. Most of his memories were quite horrific and made worse by the way in which his mind played them out on an endless loop.
Anthony Harrison - August 2016