• Feature FIlm (Experimental Genre-Blender)
  • Black and white with colour
  • ​Live action with animation
  • Running time: 83 min.
  • Filmed in Canada


After previewing the original rough cut
Robin Neinstein called the film
"A provocative well-shot drama."


Narrative Experimental
The term experimental
applies to Joe Finds Grace in the sense that it blends a large variety of film elements and themes together with a whimsical adherence to the traditional lines between  film genres.
Slapstick comedy lives side-by-side with dark drama. Colorful animation mingles
with grainy black and white live action.
To challenge the boundaries

between genres,
Joe Finds Grace openly embraces

all elements and themes.
The unifying fabric is a tragic tale of one man’s quest for
truth and understanding.
The result can be seen as
an homage to the endless variety of genres
and techniques used in the art of story-telling with moving pictures.    
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  2. Managing Director
There he was... gone